World’s fastest lawnmower

As a rule, people buy lawn mowers to improve their lawns near their homes. Only not all mowers are used in this area, some owners race on these minimum mowers! Not surprisingly, the Honda HF2620 Mean Mower, world’s fastest lawnmower, has appeared and can give a head start to many existing cars.

World's fastest lawnmower

There is a whole variety of vehicles that are unique and amaze the public with their strangeness. But, of all of them, the Honda HF2620 Mean Mower is wold’s fastest lawnmower and non-standard vehicle and will probably be listed in the Guinness Book of Records.

Specifications of world’s fastest lawnmower:


  • – acceleration (on paved surfaces) – up to 208 km/h;
  • – acceleration (on the grass surface) – up to 24 km/h;
  • – acceleration up to 100 km/h is achieved in 4 seconds;
  • – engine power – 108 horsepower;
  • – the gearbox has 6 steps;
  • – sports saddle – Cobra;
  • – exhaust system Scorpion;
  • – unique suspension;
  • – the wheels from the ATV;
  • – weight – 150 kg.


Most of the elements of this so-called vehicle originally belonged to the design of the Honda VTR1000F Superhawk sports motorcycle. This “work of technical art” has been collected by Honda (UK) and Team Dynamics team, known in their field for their success in racing cars. The Honda HF2620 Mean Mower only exists in one copy. Its “pilot” was an English racing driver Gordon “Flash” Shedden.

Test drive of world’s fastest lawnmower

World's fastest lawnmower

On the first test drives it was possible to accelerate up to 160 km/h, but in theory the maximum speed of the car reaches 215 km/h. To test the mower’s real capabilities, Honda conducted tests at the IDIADA Proving Ground test site in Tarragona, Spain. The process was monitored by representatives of Guinness World Records, so all results were officially registered.

In 2010, Don Wales set a record of 87.83 mph (141 km/h) on a Project Runningblade lawn mower equipped with a Kawasaki engine. His record was broken by Piers Ward of BBC TopGear magazine. In unofficial tests, Pierce managed to reach 87 mph, so his chances of success were high.

Pierce Ward did two runs in different directions. He did 117.54 mph (189.1 km/h) in one direction and 115.603 mph (186 km/h) in the other. In addition, Pierce Ward demonstrated to Guinness representatives that the Honda HF2620 lawn mower was capable of performing its direct duties – cutting the grass.

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