Lawn mower engine repair: Repair of electric and gasoline lawn mowers with your own hands

Engine repair of lawn mowers, both gasoline and electric, may be needed at the most unexpected moment. We will tell you about the main breakdowns, prompt you what to pay attention to, and how you can recognize the malfunction. 

Lawn mower is a wonderful alternative to a hand mower, which facilitates and accelerates mowing in a variety of places, including those where a conventional mower simply will not turn. But a sophisticated modern mechanism that requires constant attention and regular maintenance is behind the comfort and convenience. Regardless of the model, all machines are of a similar design. Let’s consider the most typical causes of engine failure, and repair the lawn mower with your own hands in the field.


Repair of mechanical part for all kinds of lawn mowers 

engine repair


Regardless of engine type, the mechanical part of the mowing machine includes knives, a device for ejection or accumulation of cuttings and a gearbox. Most often, knives break down or a line runs out. Depending on the material and degree of damage, the knives are replaced or restored by simple bending to their original state. Heavy wear and tear can sharpen the cutting part. A lawn mower made of trimmer can break down by hand for many reasons. Most often, it exceeds the maximum permissible load for the torque and engine, as a knife is used instead of a line. 

 When inspecting a container, check the condition of the grass supply duct and clean it if necessary. More complex mechanical breakdowns require sophisticated tools, special equipment, professional skills and it is better to trust professionals to deal with such breakdowns. 

Engine repair of electric lawn mower with your own hands

The main reason the motor has stopped is the loss of contact and lack of power at the motor terminals.  Therefore, the first thing we do is checking the voltage in the power socket, the condition of the electric cord and the absence of its breakage. Then, if a collector motor is used, we should check the condition of the brushes and replace them if needed.

A manual lawn mower with a collector motor has a high survivability, but it requires regular brush replacement. Manual mowers with asynchronous motors also have problems. The phase-shift condenser often fails, but it is difficult to check it in the field. 

Indirect signs of condenser failure are: motor jerking at the moment of power supply; strong motor heating even at low load; low speed; characteristic humming. If a malfunction is detected, it is in any case necessary to check the voltage supply to the motor terminals, and if it is not, to check the operation of the switch. 

If there is voltage, a capacitor or brushes are fine, the most likely cause of failure is a burned-out winding. In this case, the unit will have to be taken to a repair shop. 

Engine repair of lawn mowers with a gasoline motor

engine repair

 Gasoline two-stroke internal combustion engines are used in lawn mowers. The process of finding and eliminating the problems of these engines is carried out according to one algorithm. Repair of a gasoline lawn mower by youself begins with determining the cause of failure. 

Lawn mower engine repair: Repair of electric and gasoline lawn mowers with your own hands

The engine starts up and runs normally, but the knives do not rotate

Lawn mower engine repair: Repair of electric and gasoline lawn mowers with your own hands

In this case, failure of the mechanical part is guaranteed or, alternatively, its attachment to the motor shaft is destroyed. Failure of the mechanical part and repair of the lawn mower Viking own hands 


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It doesn’t start well, but it works fine


 Mechanical lawn mower with a gasoline engine does not start well, but works normally on operating conditions (when gas is supplied). This malfunction can be caused by two reasons – a failure to adjust the idling system in the carburetor or an incorrect fuel composition.  To fix it, you should start with fuel, connect petrol and oil of the required brands in the required proportion and fill the tank with this fuel instead of the old one. If this does not help, remove and disassemble the carburetor and adjust the idle system according to the manufacturer’s instructions. 


The motor starts up badly and runs erratically in all modes

engine repair

The most probable reasons are: fuel jackets clogged, fuel filter clogged, air filter clogged. To eliminate: the jackets are blown with compressed air, the filters are changed or washed, depending on their design. 

 The engine starts, but does not hold the load


If the engine is started and running at idle speed, but does not hold the load well during operation. There’s most likely an “oxygen deprivation”. Such repair of lawn mowers by own hands is carried out by replacement or cleaning of the air filter “by blowing”. 


Engine repair of lawn mowers if the engine does not start

engine repair

 It happens that despite the presence and normal fuel supply the engine will not start.The lack of life signs indicates a failure of the ignition coil. If all electrical circuits are in order during visual inspection, this coil will need to be replaced. 


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A less common case is severe soot or spark plug failure. This is determined by visual inspection of the twisted spark plug. The most effective way to determine this malfunction is to replace the spark plug with another one. When thinking about how to make a lawn mower if the engine does not start, pay attention to replacing the spark plugs with new ones, and preferably more reliable ones. 


 The result 


 Considering the peculiarity of “field conditions” in which the mowers are operated, the manufacturers of these devices have tried to protect their consumers from possible problems as much as possible. But, as you know, even a manual mechanical lawn mower can fail one day. We hope that our advice will help you in this case and direct the troubleshooting in the right direction. Hope you lerned all you need about engine repair

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