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John Pearson, Jamaica, NY

I recently received my video on Lawnmower & Small Engine Repair & Maintenance and I sat for hours watching it and I am thrilled at the information and clarity of it. The step-by-step visuals are fantastic. I would recommend
that anyone seeking this type of information buy this video. You will not be disappointed. It’s worth every penny.

John Arend, St. Paul, Minnesota

Dear Lawnmower Man,
As soon as I received the DVD’s, I started watching them. They are very well done. Even my friend Rosie stated watching them. She said she was sick in tired of paying someone to repair her mowers at her rental houses. We both learned a lot.
As I live in Minnesota the ground is covered with snow. I have a Toro snow blower that has been giving me a hard time this winter. After watching the DVD’s I had enough confidence to clean the carburetor and restring the recoil.
The Toro is now running great. The timing could not have been better as it has snowed a lot this winter. I already have three mowers scheduled to tune up this spring. I can’t wait until the weather warms to start using my new skills.

Dan Sembello

his video will save me the heartache of trying to fix something without knowing if I’m doing the right thing. I’m very happy with this video and would recommend it to anyone. It is a necessity for everyone

G. Brooks

Hi, I just wanted to say , the DVD’s are great, I learned a lot from them , including thing I thought I knew but did the hard way, can’t wait till you make the next set! Thanks.

Greg Myer, Groves, TX. 77619

Dear Lawnmower Man,

I would just like to thank you for your extremely helpful DVDs. The DVDs are helpful and informative for people of any experience level. I started off with exactly ZERO mechanical experience. Before watching the DVDs, I would have flipped out if I had taken a carburetor apart. I wouldn’t have known where anything went. NOW, I feel completely confident to repair a small engine. I have already fixed a mulcher that was used maybe once or twice a year if that. I took the carburetor apart, cleaned it inside and out, put it back together, and the machine cranked with no problems. A friend of mine had a mini bike that hasn’t been cranked in 15 years. I worked on the carburetor as well and it cranked for a few seconds. Although, I haven’t fixed the bike completely yet, the DVDs gave me the confidence to work on the engine and carburetor. Talk about a great feeling knowing you have just saved yourself money instead of paying someone else to repair your equipment. I would HIGHLY recommend this product for anyone looking to repair their own equipment, or take upon a hobby of fixing small engines like myself. Lawnmower Man has made me a customer for life. I look forward to your next set of updated DVDs.

James Collopy

This program gave me the confidence to finally make carburetor repairs and adjustments on my poorly or non-running power equipment. It got to the point where it was easier to replace rather than repair, but not anymore. I would recommend this program to anyone who has an interest but not the knowledge in maintaining and repairing your costly small engines. If I can do it , so can you.

Good Deal Small Engine Repair Team
Dustin Spencer & Rodger L. Spencer

Dear Lawnmower Man,
I just wanted to let you know how very pleased I am with your videos! Me and my Dad have started a small engine repair business and lawnmower/chainsaw sharpening business and though we knew the basics on tune ups and repair, we needed a little more knowledge about many different aspects of small engines and their little quirks. My dad ordered your videos and though I was skeptical, we now have to say WOW! Thank you! Your tips and ideas are phenomenal. You relate the material in a way that is easy to understand and fun to watch. Our business is growing and prospering thanks to all you have taught us and expanded our knowledge with. Keep up the good work.

F. Abram, Fort Worth, TX

Mr. Siebert

Two months ago, I received “kickback” from a 5 hp Briggs & Stratton push mower that put a pretty good lashing on my arm and sprained my thumb. More than upset and fearing to touch the mower until coming to an understanding of why it would do such a thing, I began searching the internet for the cause of kickback and ran across a preview scene of your how-to-video stating that this was due to the lawnmower being out of time. I was impressed with your clarity of speech, knowledge of the subject matter and the hands on visual aid. Instantly, I was on a mission to purchase the 5 disk DVD set to find out how to resolve the problem. When the disks came in the mail I went immediately to the chapter on timing seeking the solution. The next evening after getting in from work, I began working on the mower and after 15 minutes it was “in time” and started up smoothly with no kickback. Unique about your videos is each chapter has that one invaluable 30 second explanation that we “do it your self-ers” spend a lifetime trying to find something or someone to explain. Since receiving your videos I have collected unwanted lawn equipment from relatives, friends and even a trash pick. As a result, I have rebuilt numerous carburetors; 6 for a push mowers, 1 for a garden tiller and 1 for a chainsaw. I’ve even fixed the timing on equipment where individuals underwent the same brutal experience that I had. Additionally, I have replaced starter coils, recoil springs, pull ropes, brake cables, throttle cables, cutting blades, a pressure washer pump as well as de-carbonized heads and valves. My backyard has turned into a showroom floor for used lawn equipment available for purchase. The tools and setup of my home garage is beginning to look like a small engine repair shop and requests for repairing lawn equipment is coming in all the time. I am interested now in learning more about internal engine repair. I won’t be quitting my day job anytime soon, but this could be a future source of income or a great retirement hobby.

John Pearson, Jamaica, NY

I found your Lawnmower repair very informative for basic repairs to the lawnmower. And I found the Carburetor Repair DVD’s extremely informative and very detailed. A MUST FOR SMALL ENGINE CARB. TROUBLES! Great Schooling.

DJ, Algoma, WI.

I recently received my video on Lawnmower & Small Engine Repair & Maintenance and I sat for hours watching it and I am thrilled at the information and clarity of it. The step-by-step visuals are fantastic. I would recommend
that anyone seeking this type of information buy this video. You will not be disappointed. It’s worth every penny.

Daniel Elliott

Dear Lawnmower Man,

Excellent information provided in your very well done videos. I plan to start a small garden equipment repair business upon my retirement next year. Even though I felt fairly confident in my mechanical skills, your videos did an excellent job filling in the holes by demonstrating numerous “tricks of the trade”. I found carburetor intimidating in the past – but no longer. Keep up the good work.

Roger Proctor

Hello Lawnmower Man,

I just wanted to let you know how awesome your videos are!
I am a very skeptical person, especially when I see someone advertise a product that seems too good to be true. BUT, I really wanted to learn to fix all the power equipment I had laying around. Between My Fathers old stuff and my Father-In-Laws equipment, I had tons! An older Troy Built Tiller, Gas/Hydraulic Log Splitter,
Troy Built Gas Powered Sprayer and a Honda Push mower, just to name a few of the bigger items. None of them had run for 10+ years and I really wanted them to work, but I couldn’t afford to pay to have them fixed, so I invested in your DVD’s. WOW!!! I watched a couple of the videos that I thought would be most helpful. Amazed at how easy your videos made it look, I went out, took off a carb and started to clean it. Wow, step by step just like you showed. I found the dirty parts like you said, ordered some new parts and within a week, had the old tiller running like it was new!!! Next I tackled the Honda, I first ordered a rebuild kit, then set in to work. I got stuck, started to panic, then ran in, turned on the video and fixed mine while I watched you fix yours on TV. Just like being there!!! Since then, I have been picking up old mowers, fixing them and then reselling them. Better than that, I took what I learned and took apart my first chainsaw…..rebuilt it using similar techniques…..and VVRROOOOMMM! She started right up!
What can I say? They are awesome, amazed a few people and had a ton of fun! Keep on making new videos! Motorcycles are next!!!!!!!!!

Bill Sturgeon

Lawnmower Man
Just to let you know, that I have gotten more help & information form your videos than form the Foley Belsaw school on small engine repair costing 2 times as much. I will be the first in line for any further video help you can give a small engine repair man.

Rich LaTourette

I received your package and have already saved enough by fixing the starter on my riding mower .That expense alone justifies the cost of the entire course…

Keven Christopherson, Utah

Wanting to start my own small engine repair business, I compared the three options available for a course in small engine repair, Penn-Foster, Stratford and Lawnmower man. The first two required nine months and six months respectively and cost around seven hundred dollars. Your course only required a few days to complete and was very easy to understand due to seeing the work actually being completed. No book or manuals could ever be as effective. I received tJavier Rhe 5 DVD set as well as the parts manual and the “Small Engine Repair” manual and a nice selection of tools for a fraction of the cost of the other schools. I want to thank you for the quality product you’ve produced and for helping me to get my new business off the ground.

Javier R

Wow and Double Wow. This is the best next to strawberry milk. NOT! It is a great DVD. I would recommend it to others. It beats having to go through books and all sorts of manuals. I have repaired lawn mowers in the past and have made some extra cash. Money that I earned help me buy a large Lincoln MIG welder. Both DVD’s 1 and 2 are a must to see as a hobby like mine OR as a full time business

Donna Schnell-Lee, Howell, MI 48843


Just wanted to let you know what a great product you offer. I purchased the 5 set DVDs for my husband after a few repair places indicated it would cost over $250 to replace the head gasket on our 10+ year old riding lawn mower. The mower has taken a beating and we just couldn’t justify spending that on a repair, we both felt we’d be better off putting it toward a new mower but right now we just couldn’t afford it.

My husband had given up and was mowing our entire property with a push mower. I ordered the DVDs and he was skeptical, indicating it was probably too difficult for him to do on his own (Mr. Good Wrench he is not!). After the DVDs sat for about 5 days, I finally convinced him to put one in that discussed the head gasket and he watched it for about 15-20 minutes. When he was done he said you made it look really easy and he was even more skeptical. He went out and purchased a head gasket and some carbonator cleaner (less than $8 for both) and came back. In less than an hour I heard the mower running, looked out the window and saw him riding around the yard on it with a huge grin on his face. Thanks for making a great product, a product that is easy for everyone to understand, for saving us over $150 and for giving my husband the confidence to know he can do some of this stuff on his own.

Janet S

I would highly recommend Carburetors 1 and 2. Very educational and well done

David, Texas

Lawnmower man,

I just received your DVD’s and I have to say that I am very impressed with how they are made, direct and to the point. I am an IT manager for an oil and gas company in Texas and I am forever having to keep my computer certifications up to pair, so I am always buying training video or DVD’s. I only wish they were as informative and to the point as you have made these.

Brian A.
Power Equipment Service
Dundee, MI

Lawnmower Man,

I had to write and let You know how much I appreciate Your VIDEOS!
I have been repairing and tuning small engines for years as a hobby and ordered your Lawnmower Repair and Maintenance, and the Carburetor DVD’s. To say that I am impressed would be an understatement! What a great product! I learned more from your DVD’s than I did from a small engine repair course that I spent over $500 on. I would recommend Your DVD’s to anyone who is interested in starting their own repair business, or just saving money on repairing their own mowers and power equipment. The DVD collection is worth much more than the price I paid for it. I was a little hesitant to order them, but I recommend them to everyone now. They are professional, and the hands on approach just cannot be matched
by any book or service manual. Anytime I need help, I just go to the appropriate chapter on the DVD, and there it is. These videos give you the confidence to tackle any mower or small engine repair that could come your way. Awesome job! Thanks to you, my part-time repair business is picking up. Thanks for such a great product! Good Luck!

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