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Learn how to fix Small Engine’s & Lawn Mower’s  yourself with the Lawnmower Man’s How-To-Videos

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The Lawnmower Man videos are an award-winning set of visual teaching tools, drawn from years of experience and skill. Education at your fingertips on lawn mower & small engine repair!

Welcome to the Lawnmower Man’s Educational course on
lawn mower & small engine repair.
A visual teaching tool – brought to you by Lawnmower Man® INC.

What We Offer

How to fix a lawn mower.

We sell to you, the consumer, as well as public schools & libraries across the country. We (Guarantee) you will learn from our videos, “No other course can compare to our hands on” approach.

No books or book course’s can compare to our “hands on instructor”, that can work side by side with you. It’s like being in a classroom with a teacher. With a book course, you have to read it and still try to understand what it means. It could take you weeks to learn with a book course. With both of the Lawnmower Man videos, you can learn in 7 hours the skills necessary for the job. Do as he does to learn how to make repairs easy. Our videos are the best teaching tool on the market today in lawn mower & small engine repair. (Not because we say so, but because our customers say so!

Especially relevant are our testimonials from our customers that have purchased our videos and see that they have learned more with our “hands on instructor” on lawn mower & small engine repair than they did with the expensive book courses they took. We feature excellent prices on our course in professional lawn mower & small engine repair. Priced so everyone can afford them. Book courses can range from $500.00-$1,200.00 or more! Here are some of the schools that provide expensive book courses on lawn mower & small engine repair. Compare the prices they charge for their book courses versus our prices for “hands on” instructional videos. We want our customers to be successful with the information and skills that we provide.

Lawnmower Man® is a registered trademark of Lawnmower Man® INC.

On lawn mower & small engine Repair

There are a number of facts to consider when purchasing the Lawnmower Man’s video’s, like the price and the long term value of the skills and knowledge you will learn. We will show you step-by-step in our 4½ hour, 36 section video, the process of troubleshooting, repairing, and tuning-up any small engine 3hp and up. You will learn the tricks of the trade used by the professionals who charge you high prices with long waiting times for very simple repairs. The knowledge our user friendly videos will teach you, will save you time and money with a clarity of methods and techniques that cannot be matched by any other learning source.

With the help of our videos, You’ll learn to master lawn mower and small engine repair!

  • Push Mowers
  • Self-Propelled Mowers
  • Riding Mowers
  • Power Generators
  • Log Splitters
  • Tillers
  • Go-karts
  • Snow Blowers
  • Push Edger’s
  • Pressure Washers
  • Push Blowers
  • Shredders
  • Commercial Walk behinds
  • And More…
  • Troubleshooting
  • Tune-Ups on several engines
  • Learn to Change Oil on different models
  • Properly clean and replace Air Filters
  • De-carbonize Heads
  • Change and Gap Spark Plugs
  • Clean and Rebuild a variety of Carburetors
  • Sharpen & Balance Blades
  • How to extend the life of your small engines
  • Throttle cable replacement
  • Starter Clutch assembly
  • Replace Flywheel Keys
  • Replace Coils
  • Straighten bent handles on push equipment
  • Clean and maintain Self-propelled drives
  • And Much More…

We guarantee you will learn from our videos!!

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Lawnmower Man® Inc. videos have received:

  • 4 Telly Awards for Education and Training on how to repair lawn mowers & small engines and carburetor repair.
  • 2 Communicator Awards for Instructional Training on lawn mower repair.
  • 1 Videographer Award for Step-by-Step lawn mower & small engine repair.
  • 1 MarCom Creative Award for Training in lawn mower & small engine repair videos on DVD. That says our videos are rated number one in today’s market.
  • Winner of a Videographer Award.
  • 2018 A+ Rating With the BBB.
  • Lawnmower Man Has been seen and acknowledged in many magazines

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Don’t let anyone tell you, that you cannot do it yourself!

This is the strongest hands on teaching tool on the market today. If you are skeptical or unsure of this course please give us a call Toll free 1-866-YOU FIX IT (968-3494)

Lawnmower Man’s Video’s make a great gift. Filled with the knowledge of the lawn mower & small engine repair world. Whether you are retired, just looking for a hobby, or just trying to save time and money. “A lifetime of knowledge”

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Preview Our New Carburetor DVD

You will quickly and easily learn how to:
Carburetors How-To Repair DVD Set
  • Rebuild Carburetors
  • Clean Carburetors
  • Adjust Carburetor Floats
  • Replace Welch plugs
  • Learn about plastic nozzles
  • Replace Diaphragms
  • Replace Needle & Seats, basic lawn mower repairs, and much, much more…

The Carburetor DVD has 22 sections, and is 2½ hrs long. The Carburetor video can only be purchased with, or after purchasing the Lawn mower & Small Engine Repair Videos.

With the “Carburetors” video and part 1-2 you will learn to clean and rebuild carburetors like: Keikhin, Mikuni, Nikki, Walbro, Tecumseh and more! As an added bonus, you will learn about old style Briggs & Stratton starter clutch & recoil pulleys. New style Briggs & Stratton recoil and pull rope spring replacement. Briggs & Stratton electric start, old and new starter gear and drive replacement. You will also learn how to gap different types of spark plugs with three different gaping tools.

With the purchase of the “Lawn mower & Small Engine Repair” set you receive a free Torque Wrench or Blade Lock. If the carburetor video is purchased at the same time you also receive a FREE Blade Balancer and Spark plug gapping tool and save $8.95 Shipping and Handling….Limited time only, in selected Kits!!

The Carburetor video is a supplement and makes references to the material in the Lawn mower & Small Engine Repair videos and should be viewed in conjunction with it, or after purchasing the “Lawn mower & Small Engine Repair” videos. Keep in mind, 99% of lawn mower and small engine problems start with the carburetor.

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What's Included:
Needle Torque Wrench & Blade Lock

Torque Wrench or Blade Lock…”Your choice, in selected kits”

Limited Time only for FREE tool

For consumers that don’t want tools, Lawnmower Man now offers the Lawnmower Man Part 1 & 2 and the Carburetor video on DVDs (5 disk) as a disk special for only $105.95 with Free Shipping and Handling.

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